5 Proofs You Have Met a Gaslighter

5 Proofs You Have Met a Gaslighter

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation. This term came from a play that was once popular. ‘Gaslight’ tells about a married couple.

The husband is slowly trying to make his wife believe that she is insane by switching on and off gas. Although the wife notices it all, the husband completely denies the fact. This sort of behavior is practiced by people nowadays as well. Here are the major signs you are dealing with such an individual.

Lies surround you whenever you meet a gaslighter. This behavior is typical of all manipulators. They exaggerate things or make you believe that something really important plays no significant role. They do this to gain something from this situation. Think what makes the person play with your mind. Be smart and do not give in. Do not let anyone gaslight you. Open your eyes and you will see the truth. Others are not more intelligent than you. Do not be na?ve since gaslighters can be found in your own family or at work.

They try to project emotions and feelings onto you
Projection of emotions and feeling onto someone is also a very common behavior of gaslighters. Manipulations with your feelings can also drive you crazy and that’s exactly what the gaslighter wants from his victim. Do not become anyone’s victim and do not allow other people tell you how you feel. No one knows how your feel and what you think. You are the only person who is aware of your emotions. Gaslighters also like to tell others what people really want and think although they are not even interested to know their victim’s real desires and wishes. Projection is forced into you and gaslighters tend to insists they know it all about your inner world.

5 Proofs You Have Met a Gaslighter They try to project emotions and feelings onto you

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