5 Reasons for an Instagrammer to Visit London

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The United Kingdom is an interesting country with plenty of options for Instagram people. Start your adventure and explore London first. Here are a few spots you will love:

London’s breakfasts
People love food. Some enjoy cooking it, others love to eat it! You must have already seen various food shots on Istangram. Now it’s your turn to take a few pictures of the most delicious dishes and beverages and display them on Instagram, too. Let us reveal a secret – the greatest shots can be taken in Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings. This restaurant is located in Clerkenwell. The contrasting interior and unusual patterns make this place irresistible.

Bubbles over St.Paul’s Cathedral
Yes, we know that St.Paul’s Cathedral was popular long before the Instagram era. It is as good as Big Ben since it also offers many angles for cams. One of such examples is Millennium Bridge. What you should do next after you climb the bridge is step down and walk along the South Bank. You will recognize the place since there will be the Tate Modern nearby. Every single day you will find a person who creates massive bubbles and lets them float. If you are brave enough, you can ask him to let you try to create your own bubble!

5 Reasons for an Instagrammer to Visit London Bubbles over St.Paul Cathedral
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