7 Most Common Products You Should Eat Raw

7 Most Common Products You Should Eat Raw

Low as well as high temperatures can change the qualities and properties of the foods and drinks we consume. We do not eat fish or meat raw and we need to cook these products to make them taste good.

Luckily, there are plenty of foods you can eat raw and fully benefit from their properties.

Dark green vegetables
All vegetables contain dozens of vitamins and minerals. Opt for dark green veggies since they are rich in calcium and vitamin C. They also decrease blood pressure thanks to sulforaphane. Your heart will be healthier if you eat dark green veggies. So do not cook your broccoli and eat cabbage raw too.

We do love apples for their variety of colors and tastes. Whichever species of apples you pick, you will never make a mistake. Eat them fresh rather than baked or dried. Fresh apples contain more minerals and vitamins, they are juicier and more fragrant. After cooking they lose their properties and have too many carbs.

7 Most Common Products You Should Eat Raw Apples

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