6 Processed Products to Avoid If Non-Organic

6 Processed Products to Avoid If Non-Organic

Organic foods cost more than their non-organic versions. However, what could ever be more precious than your health and well-being? Make your meals from scratch or, if there is no option, buy processed foods that are organic.

The article below present the main six products that you consume on a regular basis without realizing what important role they play in your family’s life. Luckily, there are plenty of organic foods that can be eaten without putting your health at risk.

1. Bread

Grain mill where grains are stores are full of various types of insects. As a rule, rye, wheat and other components that bread is made with are sprayed with special chemicals to protect the products from bugs. One of the most dangerous chemicals use for these purposes belongs to organophosphates. This type of insecticides causes serious issues with IQ in kids. Health organizations keep the situation under control but more measures should be taken to change the situation.

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