6 Positive Changes You’ll Notice Once You Quit Sugar

6 Positive Changes You’ll Notice Once You Quit Sugar

Amazing things happen to those who decide to quit sugar. We do love cakes and candies. We put sugar in our tea and coffee. However, the disadvantages that eating sugar brings outweigh.

Did you know that sugary foods cause tooth decay, distorts brains function, increase the risk of heart disease and even cancer? We can easily become dependent on sugar. Sugar addiction is quite strong. As a rule, the more sugary foods you eat the more of them you need. Sugar is a drug you can and must live without. Quit sugar and enjoy the positive changes in your life. Here is what will happen:

1. The Aging Process Will Slow Down

Sugar makes you look and feel older than you really are. Glycation is a process during which the collagen in your skin is suppressed by sugar. Elastin and collagen stop being as active because of the inflammation cause by glycation. When these two proteins do not develop, your skin looks older. It also becomes dull and dry. We cannot prevent or stop glycation. However, we can slow down the process. The surest way to do so is to quit consuming sugar.

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