4 Major Symptoms of Dehydration

4 Major Symptoms of Dehydration

How do we tell if we drink enough water? Well, there are some certain signs that inform us that our body is dehydrated.

Do not wait when you start feelig thirsty or when you notice any of the symptoms mentioned below – drink water even if you feel fine. 

1. Your Mouth is Dry

That’s one of the most obvious signs signaling that you need water. You can reach for any liquid since now the most important thing is to quench that thirst. Caffeinated drinks as well as sodas and sugary beverages should be consumed as rarely as possible. They do not solve the issue. Only by drinking fresh water can you lubricate the mucus membranes in your throat and mouth. Of course water will keep you hydrated for longer and will have no negative side effects alike the other liquids mentioned above.

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