Top 7 Most Costly Handbags in the World in 2017

Women cannot live without owning a few handbags. This is their trophy. And the more exclusive and expensive the handbag is, the more satisfied and happier the woman feels.

This is an item by which you can tell a lot of interesting facts about the woman’s character, income, preferences, lifestyle and taste.

1. Gucci: Crocodile Tote around $32,000

Gucci has finally presented its new creation. It’s a crocodile tote priced at $32,000. How good their handbags are is one of the topics to be discussed. Some of you might disagree with the fact that their production is perfect. This Italian brands is known for its sleek silhouettes. They are famous for their sophisticated design as well. Despite the high price, the crocodile tote is popular and sells pretty well. 

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