8 Foods That Your Hair Needs and Loves

8 Foods That Your Hair Needs and Loves

Speed up your hair growth. There are a few products that can make your hair glowing, silky and smooth. You will have long hair much sooner than you might have thought if you add the following eight foods to your current menu.

Oily fish is great. It contains fats that nourish follicles and your hair starts growing faster. The vitamins that salmon contains strengthen your hair and heal your scalp. Besides, this species is so delicious!

This natural source of healthy fatty acids is also very tasty. You can afford avocados and eat them on a daily basis. Be careful if you count calories and do not want to gain extra pounds. If you eat avocados more often, you will soon notice that your hair starts changing. Its structure will improve. This happens due to the fact that avocados stimulate elastin and collagen production. You can use avocados mixed with sour cream as a hair mask. Apply the mixture and rinse it off after 15 minutes.

8 Foods That Your Hair Needs and Loves Avocados

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