5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Pounds on Weekend

5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Pounds on Weekend

Our weekends start on Friday evening. This is when we look forward to spending more time with our family and friends. We want to relax before the next working week begins. However, some of us notice that on Monday morning they are heavier than they were two days before.

The issue: You turn your weekends into a never-ending party

Is that really all you can think of doing on weekend? Come on, you can’t be as primitive in your approach. Partying includes various beverages. Most of them are unhealthy. You tend to consume too much wine, beer, cocktails and other alcohol drinks. When your mind is sober, your ability to make the right food choices is much better. After downing a glass of wine you’ll always eat more food. And, as a rule, that food won’t be as healthy. After such a weekend you’ll weight more than before for sure!

The solution: First of all, decide where you are going to party – home, your friends or some other place. Whichever location you prefer, never drink on an empty stomach. If you plan on partying on weekend, prepare or order dishes that are rich in protein and replace unhealthy snacks with their healthier alternatives. Instead of salty potato chips, have baked potatoes. Have a variety of salads and use spices to make your food more delicious. Try to control the amount of fats and carbs in your meals. If possible, replace sodas with plain water. 

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