Body Language We Use to Attract the Opposite Sex

Body Language We Use to Attract the Opposite Sex

Women and men use different body languages to flirt. Think about your past experience with dating the opposite sex and you will be able to tell whether the person was flirting with you or not.

Our body language tells people what we think about them and how interested we are in them. It is a kind of game adults play to build relationships with people they are attracted to. It’s surprising to find out that there are some certain differences in body language men use. Ladies flirt in their own manner.

How Do Women Use Body Language to Flirt?

Flirting starts in the very childhood. When a little girl likes a boy, she unintentionally sends some certain signs telling the boy she is attracted to him. If you see a cute little girl twirling her locks while talking to a boy, it is very likely that she feels interested in him. Sometimes the girl drops things so that the boy she is in love with could help her out by picking the item for her. This is how a conversation starts and they both get in contact. Once girls grow up they use a similar body language to attract men.

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