5 Slimming Tips for You to Practice Every Weekend

5 Slimming Tips for You to Practice Every Weekend

You can benefit from weekend habits. For example, some of them might help you lose 15 pounds or even more. Eating healthy and following your workout routine from Monday to Friday is something that you should be proud of.

But what about your weekends? Are you as determined on days off as you are on working days? You’ll achieve your weight loss goals sooner if you do the following:

1. Order an expensive drink

Buy a fancy cocktail instead of five cheap beers. Not only will you taste a quality drink, you will also consume much fewer calories. You can try and order a glass of expensive wine you have never tasted before or something stronger, like brandy, rum or whiskey. The point is to drink less, but drink fancier stuff. It will also help you feel better the next morning since the quality of beverages you consume matters a lot. More than that, since you will have drunk much less, you will have eaten much less as well! As you can see, advantages of buying expensive alcohol are obvious.

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