5 Most Impressive and Picturesque Beaches in India

5 Most Impressive and Picturesque Beaches in India

Did you even know that one of the best places for your beach vacation can be India? We know how fantastic Beaches in Mallorca, Turkey or Greece are.

However, in India they are absolutely stunning. Do you want some proof? Here it is:

1. Goa

Goa is not a beach. Rather, it is a state known for its fabulous beaches. If we are talking about the best beaches available in India, Goa must be mentioned for sure. The place is perfect for all types of travellers. You might be an active person who likes to do sports during his vacation. You can be a person in search of a calm and peaceful destination – in Goa you will find all you need to feel totally satisfied. Getting tired or bored with your stay there is impossible. You will be offered hundreds of various options to keep yourself happy and entertained. Sunbathe on the beach or visit historic places and enjoy the state’s architecture. Not without a reason Goa is one of the popular destinations!

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